Garrick Feldman

Garrick Feldman

The Arkansas Leader came out with its endorsement of a 7.6-mill to go towards school improvements to the newly formed Jacksonville North Pulaski School District on Wednesday.

In the article headlined ‘Millage hike is needed’, Garrick Feldman, editor and publisher of The Arkansas Leader, commended U.S. District Judge D. Price Marshall Jr. in his overseeing of the district’s move toward independence. Last week, Marshall approved Jacksonville’s facilities plan despite some objections from civil rights groups.

He noted that Marshall understands what the district needs “modern facilities with knowledgeable staff dedicated to improving student test scores and turning out young scholars who can compete in our modern world.”

Feldman stated that he hopes this encouragement from Marshall will help voters approve the millage increase on Feb. 9 to pay for the $80 million improvements. He also said he hopes Jacksonville shows how it can “make JNPSD a beacon of hope for its students.”

Education Corps spokesperson Laura Walker said that she’s honored to have The Leader’s support. “The Leader is a major news source and voice in our community. This endorsement solidifies the fact that the community is behind what we are trying to accomplish with the millage and subsequent improvements,” Walker stated. “This is yet another endorsement in what is becoming a long list of major support from our community and I hope there is more to come.”

The Arkansas Leader is a community newspaper founded in 1987 that covers north Pulaski, Lonoke and White counties with an emphasis on Jacksonville, Sherwood, Cabot, Ward, Lonoke, Austin and Beebe. The Leader along with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce have both endorsed the millage increase to go towards school improvements to JNPSD.

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