The Jacksonville Sertoma Club voted unanimously to express their support for the millage increase to pay for $80 million to the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District facilities if a 7.6-mill increase is approved by voters on Feb. 9.

“As one of Jacksonville’s oldest civic clubs and as a leader in spearheading youth and family recreation projects, we believe this is one of our best opportunities to serve our community and improve the lives of those who need help,” Ron McDaniel, President of the Jacksonville Sertoma Club said. “These vital improvements will bring our community and our children into the 21st century by allowing us to succeed, achieve and compete in the modern world.”

“Aside from the economic benefits, we firmly believe an investment in education on Feb. 9 will help meet the needs of our community by reinvigorating our neighborhoods and improving our quality of life.”

Education Corps spokesperson Laura Walker is grateful to have their support. “Having the support of a great civic and philanthropic organization like the Jacksonville Sertoma Club shows the benefits of our investment remaining in our community. Their support illustrates how that investment will benefit the youth and families of Jacksonville.”

SERTOMA (SERvice TO MAnkind) is an organization composed of business, self-employed, agricultural, professional and related commercial interest persons knit together in the bonds of personal friendship and united by the concept of service to mankind and their communities. The Sertoma Club along with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and The Arkansas Leader have all endorsed the millage increase to go towards school improvements to JNPSD.

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