The North Pulaski Board of REALTORS® became the latest organization to endorse the proposed millage increase for the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District.

Vital improvements will be made to the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District facilities if a 7.6-mill is approved by voters on Feb. 9. This will allow for a new elementary school and a new high school to be constructed, along with improvements to other schools throughout the district.

“As realtors, we all know the quality of a school district directly impacts where people want to live. Since Jacksonville is one of the largest communities in the North Pulaski Board of REALTORS® area, we fully support improvements in the educational opportunities for families,” said Staci Medlock, president of the North Pulaski Board of REALTORS®.

Medlock believes a quality school district will be an important asset in attracting new families and residential development in the North Pulaski area. “Let’s face it, quality of life matters. Home buyers want to locate in areas with a strong quality of life, even those without children. As we’ve seen in other areas throughout the state, resale values are significantly higher in areas with quality schools. Simply put, quality schools help keep families in place and attract new families.”

We support a “FOR” vote on February 9 to move our community, our neighborhoods and our families forward.

Education Corps spokesperson Laura Walker welcomes the endorsement. “We’re thrilled that the North Pulaski Board of REALTORS® recognize the importance of quality schools. It’s exciting to see our list of supporters grow as more organizations recognize the ripple effect quality schools will have on our economy, our neighborhoods and our families.”

The North Pulaski Board of REALTORS® represents over 500 realtors in the cities of North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Cabot, Maumelle and surrounding areas. The North Pulaski Board of REALTORS® provides a wide array of benefits and services designed to assist members in pursuing the real estate profession with fairness, integrity and competence.

Are you ready to move forward on February 9?




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