The Jacksonville Patriot announced its endorsement of a 7.6-mill to go towards school improvements to the newly formed Jacksonville North Pulaski School District on Wednesday.

Vital improvements will be made to the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District facilities if a 7.6-mill is approved by voters on Feb. 9. This will allow for a new elementary school and a new high school to be constructed, along with improvements to other schools throughout the district.

In an editorial headlined ‘Vote yes, move Jacksonville FORWARD’, the Jacksonville Patriot noted the millage is right thing for Jacksonville and is desperately needed as Jacksonville looks to get its schools back on their feet.

The article stated, “if you live in Jacksonville and haven’t voted for the millage, yet, you should.” It also noted that the paper joined a chorus of civic groups, business leaders and elected officials in Jacksonville and the surrounding area supporting the millage.

Laura Walker, spokesperson for Education Corps, said she was pleased to hear of the newspaper’s endorsement. “We appreciate the newspaper for their endorsement. They understand that this millage is the right thing to do for our schools and community.”

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