If we focus on success we will achieve success, if we focus on failure then that’s what we will achieve. Backwards is not an option.

On Tuesday, February 9, Jacksonville will send a clear message that we will take care of our children and our own economic future and that negativity does not control us. We will be a shining star, a city on a hill. An example of what a community can do when it unifies and chooses hope over cynicism and apathy.

Judge Marshall has complimented the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District on it’s perseverance and our bold plan put forth to address our inequitable facilities. The current plan will allow for our district to address the remaining facility needs on our timetable. Our plan is bold, and at the same time it is fiscally responsible.

We must reject fear, and move forward with a belief and faith that we will achieve success and greatness. I know our community is united to bring about positive change, no matter the sacrifices we must endure. This commitment to investment is key to all of our future economic prosperity. Families will be attracted to our community because of our commitment to our new educational opportunities. We will finally keep our tax dollars invested within our community to provide our students with the 21st century learning environments that they deserve.

Did we persevere for decades only to give up when finally given the opportunity to take care of our kids and revive our communities economic future? That is not the Jacksonville that I know and love.

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Remember the Titans”. It’s a great feel good story of a team and community coming together. It’s a movie about doing the right thing always, regardless of the cost and always striving for excellence, being “Champions of Excellence” if you will.

Coach Yost tells the officials to quit cheating their team in the playoff game and to call it fair.  But it was up to the Titans to dictate the victory, they didn’t let outside forces rob them of their opportunity.  They came together for victory, and left no doubt.

Jacksonville North Pulaski, it’s time for us to come together for victory. Let’s let everyone remember the day we took control of our own future.

On February 9 we have an opportunity to Leave no doubt! Let’s run it up Jacksonville!  #Forward!


Daniel Gray
Jacksonville North Pulaski School Board

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Are you ready to move forward on February 9?




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