The Jacksonville Museum of Military History board of directors voted unanimously to express their support for the millage that will make way for vital improvements to the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District facilities, if a 7.6-mill is approved by voters on Feb. 9.

“Jacksonville has a great appreciation for the military. A quality school district will ensure that appreciation remains by supporting the state’s sixth largest employer and the education for the children of the men and women that serve at the Little Rock Air Force Base,” Joan Zumwalt, chairman of the board, said.

Zumwalt noted that part of the plan is to combine Arnold Drive elementary school on the air base and the nearby Tolleson elementary into a new school along the base perimeter. The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District anticipates some funding, up to half of the cost, from the U.S. Department of Defense for the construction of the new elementary school. “We believe this a sure sign that, if passed, this millage,  will further contribute to an appreciation for the men and women who serve our country and educate the public on the important military role played by our community and armed forces.”

The Jacksonville Museum of Military History supports a “FOR” vote on February 9 to move our community, our neighborhoods, our families and our history forward.

Education Corps spokesperson Laura Walker said, “It is wonderful to have the support of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, both the military and the Little Rock Air Force Base are an important part of our community. We hope that by approving this millage, we show the community is behind them and we will remain supportive for many years to come.”

Are you ready to move forward on February 9?




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