We are a group of concerned and affected citizens that support the long-running effort to create a Jacksonville/North Pulaski County school district.  We embrace the September 2008 PCSSD unanimous school board vote of 7-0 to allow for detachment and the 2012 proposal by the PCSSD administration to create the new district.  We support a transition period to allow the people of the new district to self-determine our fate and to elect our own school board members that would be responsive to the facilities, academic enrichment, and other needs of our children.

Click Here to Download a copy Dr. Simpson’s 2013 
Feasibility Study for a Jacksonville-North Pulaski County School District
detached from the PCSSDhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/51488876/ED%20CORE/FEASABILITY%20STUDIES/Winston%20F%20Simpson%20Feasibility%20Study%202013.pdf
Click here to read a copy of the Petitionhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/51488876/ED%20CORE/PETITION/Petition_for_Detachment.pdf
Click here to see map of proposed boundaries of the
Jacksonville/North Pulaski School Districthttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/51488876/ED%20CORE/MAPS/Proposed%20Jacksonville%20School%20Boundary%20GIS%20map.pdf

ADE Declares Petitions Valid!

The petitions presented to the Arkansas Department of Education on July 8th, 2013 have been validated by the Arkansas Board of Education, and the ADE will move forward with the process of creating an independent Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District.  This is a huge step and we are closer than ever!

The immediate next steps are to solicit an opinion from the Arkansas Attorney General regarding the impact of the new school district on the current Federal Desegregation lawsuit.  Once that opinion is rendered, the state would file a motion to have the current judge presiding over the Desegregation Lawsuit to give his authorization to move forward with a new school district.

Judge Price Marshall Approves Settlement!

The Federal judge in the decades old Pulaski County Desegregation case has approved the settlement ending the decades old case and phases out funding over the next 4 years.  Within this settlement there is language that allows for the immediate pursuit by the state to create a Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District.  Section E of the settlement says:

    E. Jacksonville/North Pulaski Area School District

        1. The State and the Districts agree that the State may immediately authorize

        the creation of a Jacksonville/North Pulaski area school district consistent with state law.

        Any successor district or newly created school district in Pulaski County shall be

        considered a party to and bound by this Agreement. The State and the Districts do not

        object to the creation of a Jacksonville/North Pulaski area school district. The State will

        oppose the creation of any other school districts from PCSSD’s territory until PCSSD is

        declared fully unitary and is released from federal court supervision.

Click here to read a copy of the full settlement.

Request for Election Date Approved!  September 16, 2014

On Thursday March 20th, the Arkansas Department of Education ordered an election for the creation of a Jacksonville/North Pulaski Area school district.  The election will be held September 16, 2014.  Click here to read the advisory opinion issued by the Attorney General.  Notice of the request was also provided to Judge Price Marshall.  Click here to read notice to the Federal Court. 

Board Selection Committee Approved by ADE

The state Board of Education has approved a committee of elected officials to recommend potential members to serve on the Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District board if a vote next month brings the district into existence."

To submit an application to be considered by the committee please click this link:  Jacksonville/North Pulaski Interim School Board Application